Appetizers - $6.95

  • Penang Satay (4 Skewers)

    Chicken, Lamb or Chicken + Lamb
  • Homemade Roti Canai (2 pc.)

    Crispy Indian style pancakes served with curry dipping sauce
  • Penang Shrimp Roll

    Deep fried marinated pork, fish, and shrimp in bean curd sheet wrap
  • Curry fish balls

    fish balls in curry sauce
  • fried penang dfsh cake

    Deep fried fish cake with sweet chili sauce

Malaysian Noodles - $14.95

  • Penang Assam laksa (spicy)

    Laksa noodle with sardine, cucumber, pineapple, onions and mint leaves in hot and sour broth
  • Penang prawen meehon & mee (spicy)

    Fresh yellow noodle and rice vermicelli with vegetable, shrimp, fish cake and shrimp paste in authentic shrimp broth

Noodle Combo + Pop - $11.95

  • Curry Laksa (spicy)

    Yellow noodles or rice vermicelli, bean sprouts, fried tofu, boiled egg, fish cake and onions in coconut curry broth with choice of fish balls, seafood, chicken or vegetable


  • Malaysian milk tea

    Hot - $2.95 | Cold - $5.95
  • malaysian white coffee

    Hot - $2.95 | Cold - $5.95
  • malaysian milo

    Hot - $2.95 | Cold - $5.95
  • grass jelly soy milk

    Cold - $5.95
  • ice honey lime

    Cold - $5.95
  • Pop or Bottle Water


Set A + B Combo - $10.95 (no duplicate on the same choice)

Set A + B Combo + Drinks - $11.95 (choice of Pop, Ice Milk tea or ice honey lime)

Set A

  • Rendang Chicken (spicy)

    Pen fried chicken stewed in lemongrass currry coconut gravy
  • Rendang Beef (spicy)

    Pen fried beef stewed in lemongrass currry coconut gravy
  • Mongolian chicken (spicy)

    Deep fried breaded chicken with house special sauce, curry leaves and garlic
  • Basil chicken

    Sweet & tangy boneless chicken stir fried with basil leaves
  • Mango chicken (spicy)

    Deep fried breaded chicken topped with shredded mango, onions and sweet chili sauce
  • Lemon chicken

    Deep fried breaded chicken topped with caramelized lemon sauce
  • Hainanese chicken

    Poached boneless chicken with cucumbers and soy sauce

Set B

  • Nasi Goreng (spicy)

    Sambal shrimp paste fried rice with vegetable and egg
  • Penang mee goreng (spicy)

    Malaysian style fried yellow noodles with onions, egg, tofu, bean sprouts, cabbage, and tomatoes in chef's sambal shrimp paste
  • Nasi Lemak (spicy)

    Coconut milk rice served with sambal sauce, anchovies, hard boiled egg, cucumbers and peanuts
  • Hainanese rice

  • Penang Char mee hoon

    Fried rice vermicelli with cabbage, onions, egg and bean sprouts in house sauce (please check for availability)
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